Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Deborah (Debbie) A. Case

Department of Education
EDU 118-C
(580) 774-3197

Academic Degrees:

  • University of Central Oklahoma, M. Ed. Degree in Special Education
  • University of Central Oklahoma, B. S. Degree in Special Education
  • Thirty-five hours post-graduate work, University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and Oklahoma State University


  • Oklahoma Certification – Elementary Education, Emotionally Disturbed, Intellectually Disabled,  Specific Learning Disabilities, Language Arts Middle School, Science Middle School, and  Social Studies Middle School.
  • Texas Certification – Elementary Education, Emotionally Disturbed, Language and/or Learning Disabilities, Intellectually Disabled 

Professional Experience:

  • June 5, 1995 - Present
    Southwestern Oklahoma State University
    Weatherford, Oklahoma
    Instructor, Department of Education, Special Education
  • February 4, 1991- May 26, 1995
    Twin Creeks Middle School / Jenkins Elementary
    Spring, Texas
    Team Leader, Content Mastery Supervisor, Resource Room Teacher (Learning Disabled, Mentally Retarded, and Emotionally Disturbed Students),  Special Education Consultant grades 3 - 8.
  • August 1988 - January 28, 1991
    Daniel Intermediate School / Acton Elementary
    Duncanville, Texas
    Learning Disabilities Teacher for grades 5 and 6
    Behavior Adjustment Class (ED) Teacher - grades K - 4
  • September 10, 1987 - June 1988
    Montgomery Elementary
    Carrollton, Texas
    Behavior Adjustment Class (ED) Teacher - 4th Grade
  • March 16, 1986 - June 1987
    Tahlequah Junior High
    Tahlequah, Oklahoma
    Teacher for the Mentally Retarded, grades 7 - 9, Special Olympics Coach
  • August 1985 - March 14, 1986
    Sequoyah Middle School
    Edmond, Oklahoma
    Learning Disabilities Teacher for 8th grade
  • August 1974 - June 1985
    Grant High School / Hoover Middle School
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    Learning Disabilities Teacher for 6th - 12th grades, Special Education Department Chairperson, Discipline Committee, School Representative to AFT Reorganization Board.
    Work-Study Coordinator (Vocational Rehabilitation Program), Human Relations Coordinator, Junior Class and Honor Society Sponsor.
Office Hours: Courses:
 Vary per semester. Office hours are posted on the door.
Course No. Course Title
SPCED 4862 Collaboration and Planning in Special Education
SPCED 5223 Detecting and Correcting Special Problems
SPCED 3132 Exceptional Children
SPCED 4001 Individual Study in Special Education
SPCED 5623 Instructional Content and Practices for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities
SPCED 5362 Legal and Ethical Practices in Special Education
SPCED 3321 Multicultural and Special Populations
SPCED 5863

Planning and Managing the Teaching Environment

SPCED 4833 Principles of Teaching in the Elementary School
SPCED 4823 Principles of Teaching in the Secondary School
SPCED 4422 Procedures for Teaching Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPCED 4323 Procedures for Teaching Mild/Moderate Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
SPCED 3312 Procedures for Teaching Mild/Moderate Intellectual Disabilities
SPCED 4263 Procedures for Teaching Mild/Moderate Learning Disabilities
SPCED 4362 Seminar in Legal and Ethical Practices in Special Education
SPCED 4765 Student Teacher Supervisor
Other Assignments:
Special Education NCATE Program Writer
Special Olympics Volunteer Coordinator Area 11