Recycled Artwork Project - Novae


The collaborative artwork of Southwestern Oklahoma State University art students Martin Lopez of Elk City, Michael Miller of Weatherford, and Kyle Johnson of Woodward recently received an Award of Merit at the Fiberworks 2010 Exhibition in Oklahoma City.
Their work, entitled "Novae," was constructed entirely of recycled materials.
Fiberworks showed only half of the approximately 148 works that were submitted by professional and amateur artists throughout Oklahoma. Only eight of the 148 works received an Award of Merit, an honor that comes with a cash prize.
According to Lopez, the title of the piece, "Novae," reflects both its appearance - three separate, yet related spheres that might resemble heavenly bodies - and the fact that supernovae "recycle" themselves by forming new stars from the materials of dying stars.
Lopez, Miller and Johnson began the project with classmates in ART 3013, International Green Design, under the direction of SWOSU Assistant Professor E.K. Jeong. After the semester ended, the three artists expanded the class project into the prize-winning work of art.




Old Masters Exhibition Reception Set in Clinton


The Southwestern Oklahoma State University life drawing class will present the "Old Masters Exhibition" at the Frisco Center in Clinton during the months of November and December. The SWOSU art students' works illustrate their take on drawings by old masters such as Raphael, Michelangelo and Rubens. The finished pieces range in size anywhere from 3 x 3 feet to 4 x 6 feet. A variety of mediums were used including charcoal, graphite and chalk pastels.

Class instructor E.K. Jeong said she is proud of her students and thankful to the Frisco Center and the SWOSU Art Department for their support and willingness to be a part of the project.