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When you do research from the SWOSU Libraries web pages you have access to authoritative, scholarly, and reliable information.

If you find something that you need for your research (book, videos, journal articles, music, etc..) that is not located at SWOSU the library can get you that information free and, usually, in less than 10 days. Just fill out an Inter-Library Loan request.

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Planing Assignments Wisley

Sample Research Timeline
paper Due December 1


Aug 25- Select & Focus Topic
Aug 27 - Begin formulating Thesis
Aug 29 - Design Research Strategy
Sept 9 - Find, review, evaluate books
Oct 5 - Find, review, evaluate journal/magazine/newspaper articles
Oct 11 - Find, review, evaluate Websites
Oct 13 - Outline paper

Oct 24 - Write 1st Draft
Nov 4 - Revise & rewrite
Nov 25 - Complete Final paper



Definition: Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary Source: A document or artifact that was created at or near the time being researched. It is created by the people involved in the event. Primary resource does not mean a better resource--it simply refers to creation by the primary players in the event.

Secondary Resource: Information in secondary resources are written with information from primary resources. It usually refers to books, articles, movies, etc written after the event occurs and by individuals not directly involved in the event.

Search Tips
Boolean Searching
and ( + ) narrows the search
or ( OR ) used with synonyms
not ( - ) used to exclude items from search
"phrase goes here" phrase searching
Reference Works

Library Online Resources

Historical Abstracts with Full Text

This database covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present, including world history, military history, women's history, history of education, and much more. Historical Abstracts indexes historical articles from more than 2,300 journals in over 40 languages back to 1955 and provides the full text of more than 330 journals and 119 books.

Periodicals List:
Locate all the journal titles owned by SWOSU Libraries. Will include paper, microform, and electronic access.

Academic Search Complete
Largest collection of Full-Text online articles available from SWOSU Libraries. Contains material on a wide range of topics. Indexes material back to 1975.

Biography Reference Center
Holds a collection of over 450,000 full-text biographies, including the complete full text run of Biography Today and Biography Magazine,.

Open WorldCat
Catalog of books and journal titles available from around the world. If you find it in WorldCat, and it's not in our library, we can get it through ILL.

Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe
Contains full text of articles, newspapers, US Supreme Court Cases (back to 1789)

North American Indian Thought
This resource integrates writings, images, and oral histories to cover the entire history of North America

Issues & Controversies
Have a potential controversial topic to write about or need it to enhance your paper? This database will give you an authoritative synopsis as well as a historical outlook of the hot topic issues of the past 10 years.

Project Muse contains the full text of over 40 Johns Hopkins Press scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences.

JSTOR specializes in making available the back issues of journals in a wide variety of humanities and social science disciplines.

Salem History
Online access to many Salem Press history references, including the Decades in America series, Historical Encyclopedia of American Business, Encyclopedia of American Immigration, the Great Events from History series, the Great Lives from History series, and the Milestone Documents series

CQ Researcher
CQ Researcher is a resource for in-depth analytical reports on current and controversial issues of the past 10 years. CQ Researcher's reports provide balanced, objective, forward-looking information that's written to encourage reader discussion, critical thinking, and facilitate further research.

Oklahoma Periodicals Index
The Oklahoma Periodicals Index provides a searchable online index to articles about people, places, history, culture, wildlife, and natural history in the state of Oklahoma with some coverage outside the state. The index consists of four key periodicals: The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Today, Outdoor Oklahoma, and Persimmon Hill.

Newspaper Source
Newspaper Source contains full text of major regional U.S. newspapers, eighteen international newspapers, six newswires, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Los Angeles Times

American History In Video
See history in the making. There are 622 newsreels today and more are being added all the time. The only online source for the entire series of both United News and Universal Newsreel, this collection lets you see events as they happened and as they were packaged and interpreted by commentators of the day. Also included in this collection are 350 high-quality documentaries from The History Channel® and other leading video producers.

Oklahoman Archives not full-text use the microfilm in the library to read the entire article for free!
Click HERE for a list of all library databases and HERE for our current trials.

Scholarly / Peer Review

Scholarly / Peer Review (AKA refereeing): a scholarly process used in the publication of manuscripts and in the awarding of money for research. Publishers and agencies use peer review to select and to screen submissions. The process assists authors in meeting the standards of their discipline. This short tutorial from Rutgers University explains the process.


Internet Resources (not a comprehensive list)

America (North & South) History
Europe History
Asia History
Africa /Middle East History
World & Ancient History


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