Curriculum Vitae

    John M. Woods


Present Position:

    Professor of Mathematics                 Telephone:  580-774-3038

    Southwestern Oklahoma State University            fax:            580-774-7045

    Weatherford, Oklahoma 73096               e-mail:



    Ph.D.,     Mathematics, Florida State University            July 1973

               Dissertation: Periodicity for the Homology of Finite Cyclic

            Covering and the Monodromy Map of Algebraic Links, directed

             by De Witt Sumners

    M.A.T.,    Mathematics Education, Harvard University            June 1966

            Math advisor: David Widder, Math Ed advisor: Edwin Moise,

          Education advisor, Joe Young

    B.S.,      Mathematics Education, Oklahoma State University      May  1965


Selected Academic Honors:

    Danforth Fellowship    and Florida State University Fellowship      1970-1973

    Harvard "Prize Award" Fellowship and NDEA Fellowship        1965-1966

    Outstanding Student Award, Harvard Grad. Sch. of Educ.                 1966

    Phi Delta Kappa Award, Harvard Grad. Sch. of Educ.              1966

    Outstanding Student Award, Okla. State U. Sch. of Educ.              1965

    Top Ten Students Award, OSU                                 1965

    Listed in Who's Who in the South and Southwest, Who's Who

    in Science and Engineering, Who's Who in American Education,

    Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in The World


Previous Positions:

    Mathematics Department Chair, SWOSU                      88-95&97-98    Mathematics and Science Department Chair, Okla. Baptist Univ.           1982-1988

    Mathematics Professor, Oklahoma Baptist University            1967-1982

    Visiting Asst. Professor of Mathematics, OU                Spring 76

    Mathematics Teacher, John Burroughs School (8-12)             1966-1967 

    PI and director for 3 NSF and 10 Eisenhower grants                1975-2001

    Co-director and teacher, SWOSU summer math/science academy         1990-1994

    Advanced Placement Calculus exam reading Table leader          1983-1989 

    OBU Upward Bound Mathematics and Science Director              1967-1970


University Service:

    Served on or chaired most university committees, various task forces, Faculty     Senate, AAUP President, Accreditation teams


Professional Affiliations:

    MAA, AMS, NCTM, OCTM, AAUP, Mathematics Education Reform Network, CASMEO, SUMMA,     SEDL


Refereed Publications:

    Woods, John M.  “Simplified Polynomial Arithmetic,” Mathematics Teacher,

      Vol. 78, No. 9, 680-682, 1985.

    Woods, John M.  “Some Criteria for Finite and Infinite Monodromy of Plane               Algebraic Curves,”Inventiones Math. 25, 179-185, 1974.

    Woods, John M. and Sumners, D. W. “A Short Proof of the Finite Monodromy for             Analytically Irreducible Plane Curves,”  Compositio Mathematics, Vo. 28,           Fasc. 2, 213-216, 1974.

    Woods, John M. and Sumners, D. W.  “The Monodromy of Reducible Plane Curves,”            Inventiones Math. 40, 107-141, 1977.


Competitive, Refereed Grant Awards:

    Oklahoma Rural Systemic Initiative, NSF, 1997-99               

    ESA  (K-8 Algebraic Thinking), Eisenhower, 2002               

    KESAM (K-8 Science and Math), Eisenhower, 2000               

    KESAM (K-8 Science and Math), Eisenhower, 1999               

    KESAM, Eisenhower, 1998                           

    KSAM (K-6 Science and Math), Eisenhower, 1997                   

    KSAM, Eisenhower, 1996                           

    KSAM, Eisenhower, 1995                           

    KSAM, Eisenhower, 1994                           

    Young Scholars Program, NSF, 1994-96                       

    EIMC (Explorations in Math with Computers), Eisenhower, 1992         

    EIMC, Eisenhower, 1991                           

    EIMC, Eisenhower, 1990                           

    EIMC, Eisenhower, 1989                           

    Mathematics Research, NSF, 1974-76                         


Invited Speaker:  National, regional, state, and local talks, presentations and     workshops.  Invited to speak for one hour at each of the last three national     NCTM meetings. Professional day presenter at Shawnee Mission HS  1999-2001.


Oklahoma Math Standards:

    Linda Bailey and I represented OCTM at a State Board of Education meeting and     obtained the board’s recommendation that OCTM develop the Oklahoma Math     Standards.  We then worked with an OCTM task force which developed the     standards.


Professional Meetings:

    Over the past ten years, I have attended an average of 3 national meetings, 2     regional meetings, and 5 state meetings per year. This does not include the 16 regional (Oklahoma regions) planning meetings, 26 regional meetings, and     numerous related RSI meetings across the state the past two years, which we planned and implemented.  The regional meetings each involved up to 120     participants from business, government, and education from that region.  I am     currently involved in the     OSRHE 2001 Mathematics Committee and am Past-President     of CASMEO.  While President of CASMEO I submitted (and was awarded) a NASA grant     for beginning a “Linking Leaders” program in Oklahoma.