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Mr. Rupert Nowlin

Department of Parks & Recreation Management

Mr. Rupert Nowlin


  • Elementary and High School, Gracemont, Oklahoma
  • Southwestern Oklahoma State University Weatherford, Oklahoma


  • 1970  High School Diploma
  • 1985  Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • 1986  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • 1984  Fall Dean’s Academic List
  • 1985  Summer Dean’s Academic List
  • 2009  Wildland Fire Management Certificate
  • 2011  Master of Education


  • 2008  Introduction to Arc/GIS – Inter-Tribal Environmental Council
  • 2008  Environmental Law – Falmouth Institute
  • 2008  Indian Land and the Law – Falmouth Institute
  • 2009  Water Rights and Water Law – Falmouth Institute
  • 2009  Hunting and Fishing Rights for Tribes – Falmouth Institute
  • 2010  Wildland Fire  FFT-1, ICT-5, A-Faller


  • 1970-74  Biology Club, Chemistry Club, Native American Club
  • 1984-86  Mathematics Club, Native American Club
  • 1985-86  Student Senate Representative


  • 2008  Oklahoma Supreme Court Tribal Sovereignty Symposium
  • 2009  Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Symposium
  • 2009  Oklahoma Supreme Court Tribal Sovereignty Symposium
  • 2009  Black Heritage Small Farmers Conference
  • 2010  Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Symposium


  • 2010- Adjunct Faculty: Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal College and Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, Okla.
  • 2007-09  Natural Resources Manager: Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma, Concho, Oklahoma 73022 Coordinating land use and conservation of 10,000+ acres of Tribal Lands located in the former reservation area of western Oklahoma. Work includes managing the Farm/Ranch and Buffalo Programs as well as land acquisitions, realty, wind and water issues. Coordinating with USDA, BIA, State Agriculture, etc.
  • 2003-07  Farm Manager:  Harley Farms South, Valley Farm, Chitterne, Warminster BA12 0JA  Managed a 7,500 acre organic farm with over 1,500 head of organic cattle. This farm lies on the Salisbury Plains in southwest England and the largest part is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The majority of the land is owned by the Ministry of Defense and leased for grazing by the farm owner Jack Harley. Therefore I dealt not only with the day to day managing of a large farm but must also liaison with military personnel, civilian land managers, archaeologist and environmental advisors.
  • 2001-03  Wharehouseman: Muehle Wiegman, Varrel, Germany  Part time employee at a feed mill and agricultural outlet in Germany.
  • 1998-01  Erziehungsurlaub (Househusband): Germany  I was paid a small stipend by the German government to stay home and take care of our newborn daughter while my wife worked as a veterinarian.
  • 1989-98  Alley Foreman: Custer and Custer Livestock Comm. Co., ONSY, Okla. City, Oklahoma Assistant Manager to the owner Robert Custer. Duties included personnel management, cattle care, preparation of cattle for marketing, selling and buying cattle at auction, etc. During this time I also worked at several smaller markets in positions ranging from Yardhand to Yard Manager.

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