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Monument Dedication

The long-awaited day is here.  The monument is finished and the Park Service at Gettysburg has approved it.  The Association is very excited to announce that the monument dedication will take place on Saturday, 27 May, 2000.  The Association has also approved a medal design to help raise funds to continue to pay for the monument.  The continued support of interested individual is greatly appreciated.  Further information may be obtained within this webpage.

Schedule of Events for the Monument Dedication

Dedication of the 11th Mississippi Monument
Gettysburg National Military Park
11:00 a.m., Saturday, 27 May, 2000

Seminary Ridge

Introduction of the Honourable William F. Winter
Chairman of the Proceedings

Dr. Michael Ballard,
Professor of History,
Mississippi State University

Introduction of Special Guests
The Honourable William F. Winter,
Former Governor, The Great State of Mississippi
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Mississippi Department of Archives and History

8th Georgia Regimental Band

Greetings from the Chancellor
Andrew P. Mullins,
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor,
University of Mississippi

The Debt That Remains
Dr. John Neff,
Professor of History,
University of Mississippi

The Honourable Robert Major Walker,
Mayor, City of Vicksburg, Mississippi

2nd South Carolina String Band

Acceptance of the Memorial
Dr. John Latschar,
Gettysburg  National Military Park

Introduction of The Honourable Thad Cochran
Dr. David G. Sansing,
Professor Emeritus of History, University of Mississippi
Chairman, 11th Mississippi Memorial Association

Dedicatory Address
The Honourable Thad Cochran,
United States Senator, Mississippi
Honourary Chairman,
11th Mississippi Memorial Association

Unveiling of the Memorial
Descendents of the 11th Mississippi Regiment

Dedication of the Advance Marker
Near Brian's Barn

The 11th Mississippi at Gettysburg
Steve Stubbs, Author
Duty, Honour, Valour,
The Story of the 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

The Greys at Gettysburg
Starke Miller, Author
Imperishable Glory,
A History of the University Greys

The Roll of Honour
Members of the 11th Mississippi Killed at Gettysburg
Called by Their Descendents

Benedictory Elegy
Billy Ellis, Author
Tithes of Blood,
A Confederate Soldier's Story

The 11th Mississippi Memorial Association is a non-profit organisation that was formed to honour the men who served in the 11th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Confederate States Army. The primary goal of the committee is to commission and place a monument to the 11th Mississippi at the Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  This goal will be realised on Saturday, 27 May, 2000.

The 11th Mississippi has been honoured in many ways both during the War and in the 138 years following. This homepage describes the divers manners that have honoured the 11th Mississippi and will describe and update the on-going activities of the Memorial Association in its current endeavours to further recognise the role this regiment played in the War Between the States.

Regimental History -- The 11th Mississippi was formed 4 May 1861 in Corinth, Mississippi. Ten companies from counties in Northern and Central Mississippi ultimately formed the 11th Mississippi. For an excellent history of the 11th please refer to the homepage of the 11th Mississippi by Stephen R. Davis. As part of the Army of Northern Virginia, the 11th participated in every major battle of the Virginia Theatre with the exception of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. For a better view of the map shown in the background that depicts the movements of the ANV during the eventful year of 1863, click here.

One manner in which the men leaving home were honoured was the construction of flags for regiments and individual companies by wives, mothers, and daughters of the men in those units. For a more detailed description and photographs of the flags of the 11th, please go to the Battle Flag Page of the 11th Mississippi Infantry.

Art has featured the 11th Mississippi. These items range from a Tiffany stained glass window on the campus of the University of Mississippi to paintings by contemporary artist Dale Gallon. For more information on the art of the 11th, please go to art.

Historical Literature has also featured the 11th. Apart from its mention in general histories of the War, the 11th has been the specific focus of various studies. For a more complete list of these pieces please see the writings page.  This link will provide new information of Steven H. Stubbs' history of the 11th, Duty, Honor, Valor.

Activities of the Association:

Imperishable Glory

The Association has commissioned Mr. Dale Gallon to portray the regiment during the Pickett-Trimble-Pettigrew Charge. He has done so admirably in his work Imperishable Glory. Proceeds from the sale of these prints are dedicated to fund the cost of the monument to be placed at Gettysburg.

These prints are still available from the Association.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these prints and helping to sponsor the monument, please contact the Association at the following address: 11th Mississippi Memorial Association, Box 181, University MS 38677.

Commemorative Medal

The Association also commissioned the sriking of a commemorative medal. The proceeds from the sale of this proposed medal would help fund the monument and contribute to the upkeep of the Regimental battle flag that fell at Gettysburg.   The designs (illustrated below) comprises the first regimental flag (used at 1st Manassas), the momument dedication date, and a hanging star embossed with 11th.  The star, which has been long associated with the state and the regiment, was used as a hat pin on the uniform of the 11th Mississippi.  The medal is composed of a metal upper piece, coloured as illustrated, with the metal suspended star.  It will first be available at the Monument Dedication and may be obtained from the Association after the dedication.  If the reader would like to make a donation, please use the e-mail at the end of the webpage or contact the Association at the address noted.

The Monument at Gettysburg

The Association has commissioned sculptor Bill Beckwith, who recently completed the bust of President Jefferson Davis for Beauvoir, to strike the monument. The sculpture depicts a colour bearer, stepping out on the march toward the stone wall. Check here for updates on the monument, including photographs following the dedication.. Other Links

The following links are to other sites that specifically refer to the 11th Mississippi.

Acknowledgements: The author of this page would like to extend thanks to the following: If you have additional queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at longs@swosu.edu .

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