Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Mr. Warren Akers

Department of Mathematics
CAM 324-F
(580) 774- 7147

               Ketchikan, 2010

           Akers, 2011

Summer 2013
I will be out of the office until the start of the Summer Session, 4 June.
During the Summer Session, 4 June - 31 July, I will be in and out of the office. Please make an appointment if you wish to meet with me.
I will again be out of the office between the Summer Session and the start of Fall Semester, 19 August.
Please contact the Math Dept. office if you have any questions.
Fall 2013
Office Hours for Fall 2013: Courses for Fall 2013:





Course & Section No. Course Title
MATH 1143 - 2312

MATH 1143 - 2313

MATH 1513 - 2318

MATH 1513 - 2321

MATH 3413 - 2338
Math Concepts

Math Concepts

College Algebra

College Algebra

Statistical Methods